On the path towards sustainability Sa Nau

At Sa Nau - Adults Only we’re committed to becoming ever more sustainable. We’re keenly aware of the society in which we live, where the number of people concerned about preserving the environment and worried about the quantity of non-recyclable waste that we generate is growing all the time.

In the midst of this reality a new form of tourism is emerging, in which guests set great store by the fact that the accommodation where they’re going to stay respects the environment and endeavours to minimise the impact of its operations.

Eco-friendly rural tourism in Portocolom

In this process of change, we’ve incorporated eco-friendly amenities and features into Sa Nau. In all our rooms you’ll find biodegradable dispensers filled with cosmetic products that respect the needs of the planet.

These are the first steps towards future improvements that we’ll be implementing bit by bit with the goal of growing and becoming more environmentally-friendly in our operations. We’ll carry on sharing them with you in this section!

icono eco sa nau 

Almond blossoms sa nau in portocolom